The Baron and Claudia – 2010-14


  1. Visit to Rome in search of the missing whip of Cardinal X – and the unamed youth in the photograph- Fluxusmedia archive Folio 4 item 6
  2. Invitation to the Ball/Party – Celebration of the birth of General Mobutu – Villa Ascona Geneva
  3. Collecting 2 works and dinner with relatives of Franseco Nerinda – famous “outsider” artist, Paris France
  4. Visit to Baghdad to see and collect for Exhibition: “IED and you” the DYO drone
  5. Visit to Rome to purchase war insignia from Curia of Pius X11 from 1938-45
  6. Visit to Detroit Michigan – tour of Pontiac/Packard plant and attend art “crack”  house foreclosure No 23651a
  7. Tour of London followed by State Library sale at Sothebys
  8. 2 Week Spa in Slovakia -April 10/25 inclusive
  9. Tour of Farmhouse No.4 of Thomas Bernhard – Austria – 4 day visa
  10. Lunch at “Le Louvre” Cafe Prague – Wednesday 6th April -Table 7 beneath portrait Sigmund Freud
  11. Visit to Syria, City of Homs – Rubble display
  12. Lunch at aging millionaire shed –  amidst “Mediocre Art” Exhibition in “small pond” context
  13. Tour of Prague, “Gold Route” avoiding Tourists/Mozart impostors/Kafka clones
  14. Rest at “Ulhuru” self composting site
  15. Bus tour of Canberra-visit “Summer Nats” performance art Festival

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